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Our professionals have kept pace with 3D printing innovations in Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, and Consumer & Industrial goods. We’ve expanded into new verticals which have extensively benefited from additive manufacturing.
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Our exceptional 3D printing methodology delivers parts that are made to your exacting specifications with impeccable quality. We package our services in a transparent pricing model that fits your current business requirements without any commitment to minimum order.
Consult our experts on your Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) analysis and get our feedback on your design, materials, topology, requirements, and expectations prior to finalising the design for your prototype. We’ll reiterate your designs till we meet your specifications and your expectations.
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Take advantage of our industry-leading pricing and lead times customized for your high volume 3D printing projects. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software ensures automated and streamlined business processes from quoting to scheduling to job completion to make hundreds of customized parts in multiple batches in order to meet your timelines.
3D printing technology makes your existing designs better and new designs possible which was sometimes entirely impossible using traditional methods. Additive manufacturing enables you to rapidly build prototypes while designing, manufacturing, and testing your customized end products bringing down the cost every step along the way.
Just-in-time manufacturing
Unlock just-in-time manufacturing with our additive manufacturing services to attain a zero inventory state. Our print-on-demand service saves space in your inventory and cost for your inventory management while preventing any stock fallback.
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