We seek to create value-added solutions for our customers by leveraging our proven expertise & capabilities in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
We help you realise your idea by leveraging our expertise in Additive Manufacturing. Our well-recognised experts in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) seek to fully understand the interplay between your application, production and material requirements involved.
Our design & engineering services are intended to add value to your product design, ranging from improved performance to lowered cost. Don’t hesitate to involve us in your design phase.
Why Design &

We derive our expertise from years of experience and deep history of understanding the ins and outs of the additive manufacturing industry. Our highly specialised team of designers, engineers, and CAD experts support your project from the initial prototype to the final production stage.
3D Modelling
Experts at Infinity 3D Printing help you bring your ideas to life. We begin the design process with 3D rendering and our 3D designers shape your ideas into high-quality 3d models.
3D Scanning
We take pride in our high-accuracy 3D scanning services. We scan your physical object, we convert it into a high-quality 3D model that’s ready for testing and prototyping in no time.
Reverse Engineering
We have a precise ability to reverse engineer the part from scratch that was either disfigured or discontinued. Our proficient team of designers and engineers can scan and reconfigure it in a matter of no time.
Our Areas of Expertise