High Temperature Resistant Resin has high-temperature resistance, low viscosity, great dimensional stability, and a semi-translucent color. These properties make it perfect to print the parts that require resistance to heat and humidity.
High Temperature Resistant Resin
High temperature resistance up to 120°C
Excellent dimensional stability
High strength and accuracy
Heat Deflaction Temperature
Glass Transition
135°C (Method DMA)
Tensile Strength
65 MPa (Method ASTM D638)
Tensile Modulus
Elongation at Break
3-5% (Method ASTM D638)
Flexural Modulus
2720 MPa (Method ASTM D790)
Izod Impact Strength
20 J/m (Method ASTM D256)
Bending Strength
110 MPa (Method ASTM D790)
Flexural Strength
Tearing Strengh
Semi Translucent
Mechanical Properties:
1.14 g/cm3
Technical Specifications
Thermal Properties:
General properties: