High Strength Resin makes accurate and durable parts that have excellent temperature and moisture resistance. Yellow resin can produce low-volume production parts, functional prototypes, and conceptual models in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, and consumer electronics industries.
High Strength Resin

High strength and strong toughness
Excellent temperature resistance
Good moisture resistance
Heat Deflaction Temperature
Glass Transition
58-68°C at 66 PSI (Method ASTM D648)
55-70°C (Method DMA)
Tensile Strength
25-30 MPa (Method ASTM D638)
Tensile Modulus
2160-2360 MPa (Method ASTM D638)
Elongation at Break
Flexural Modulus
12-20% (Method ASTM D638)
2650-2760 MPa (Method ASTM D790)
Bending Strength
Izod Impact Strength
58-70 J/m (Method ASTM D256)
Flexural Strength
Tearing Strengh
65-74 MPa (Method ASTM D790)
Light Yellow
Mechanical Properties:
1.11-1.14 g/cm3
Technical Specifications
Thermal Properties:
General properties: